My passion is helping you to tune into your “inner Goddess” : The part of you that is self-sufficient and self-belonging. This Passion comes from the fact that I myself had to learn to trust my inner voice, so I could create a life on My Own Terms.

I see you. I know you desire something more than the life you’re currently setting for. I know, because I was you, and I understand where you are right now.

I had to find my own path. Even though I was scared.

I had to believe that every door that you open leads you to the road towards your best life, even if you’re scared.

It basically all comes down to courage.

My passion of creating the Julian Method was all born through a combination of my many years of being a successful holistic wellness practitioner and my own personal journey.

It was a long journey with many obstacles, challenges and even near death experiences.

Through it all, I prevailed because of my own deciding to be the director of my own story.

Being that director brought me to many high points in my life because through it all I learned about myself, how I work, and the spiritual aspects of rising to my own Goddess state.

It became a practice. A very powerful practice.

This is what the Julian Method consists of: Creating a practice for yourself.

The sort of practice you have to stay curious, and stay open about to truly embody it through consistency and joy.

Through fear and courage I was able to stay true to my own inner voice, and I am here to help you to find, harness, and honor your inner voice so we can all hear and see the Goddess that is within you.

It’s about teaching you to trust your own call, so you can find your own inner goddess’s energy and finding how you can magnetize that energy and tap into your highest self, so that you can be inherently present in your everyday life with yourself first. (And then, with the people around you.)

Being present and true to yourself, is one of the key ingredients in being authentic and holding your integrity to your own truth.

I will be inviting you to ponder and play with the idea of harnessing your inner Goddess with me in a way that ignites your life and your potential in a whole new way. Stay-tuned in.

Yours in goddess-ing,

Michele Julian

Coach, The Julian Method

“Working with Michele Julian has been a “game changer” for me. I would recommend her services to anyone. Michele has a unique and refreshing approach to her coaching and meditation practices. She has such a wonderful upbeat, positive attitude towards, life and life’s challenges, which she often refers to as, “life’s opportunities.” Michele’s ability to hold space for me and keep me focused is one of which is exemplary. Michele has helped my breath into my thoughts, therefore, taming my knee jerk reaction to self-criticism. Michele has worked with me at my pace, which has proven to make all the difference and made me a routine meditator now. Her coaching is a “must try”. Love, Love, Love The Julian Method.”

— Lacy Florentino CEO Berkshires, MA

Body Intelligence is a 3-week learning and activation program for women who are ready to let go of their physcial pain and aches, release their stuck energy in mind and body, and are eager to learn how to move with the flow of this present time (of these uncertain times) while being fully present in their bodies.

Conducted as a group class over, includes instructions on how to use the Foam Roller as your myofascial release therapy session. Learn how to use it in between your massages. You are going to need to have a foam roller to use during the session. If you need recommendations, please check out these options: OPTP PRO-Roller Soft Density Foam Roller – Durable Roller for Massage, Stretching, Fitness, Yoga and Pilates

The Goddess Collective is a uniquely-crafted “container” for personal growth and unraveling. We are all naturally wired to evolve in our womanhood, and in this Collective, we have three special “chapters” to represent each unique life stage.

Where do you find yourself today, goddess? There is a place for you here.

60 Minute Goddess Code Reading