Conversations with Strangers

By Daniel Levin…

“Michele is a friend of another woman who I met here in another conversation with a stranger, Jessa Grace. Although I had no idea who Michele was, I did know that she was friends with someone I was becoming friends with at that moment.

I immediately felt connected to her and she was kind enough to have already bought my book, The Mosaic. She has also joined The Mosaic Book Club.

From the moment she speaks, you can feel her and how her friendliness is infectious.”

Listen in as we speak about:  

  • meeting strangers and not knowing what they are going through on their journey 
  • as we go through this global pandemic, how are you really doing? seeing the goodness she has and feeling gratitude for her support unit 
  • the feeling she discovers we all have when she talks to strangers why is connecting to others so important 
  • the connection her mom and dad felt that transcends time and space 
  • can people that have passed speak to those they love who are still here 
  • do you believe that and what does your belief in that mean to you
  • what comes from the experience of 4 near death experiences what she receives in the connection she has to others 
  • notice the pause she experiences when her belief system around what makes her happy is questioned 
  • where does happiness really live
  • how much do you need people to make you happy
    • see how the story she has crafted dictates the life she leads thinking that because of the work she has done that she could be 5-6 days by herself and be ok, but after that she would need interaction with people
    • does happiness live inside us 
    • who or what changes after 5-6 days???? 
    • why do we listen more to the people that are the least important to us and less so to the ones most important to us? 
    • is it easier to talk to a stranger or a loved one 
    • listening and understanding 
    • judging a book by its cover 
    • the positive and negative side of curiosity  
    • how passion plays out in her life 
    • the opening up of energy centers, passion, creativity and experiencing energy of creativity  
    • the capacity to love and be loved  
    • the one thing she would want to say  
      and a whole lot more . . .   
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