The BEING & BECOMING THE GODDESS cards are truly unique

I have combined two things I love; oracle cards and keepers of light to create these 52 mantras. The artwork has been done by Martine De Luna who helped me create space for this intuitive expression to materialize these beautiful creations. We infused wisdom, intuition, strength, determination, joy, equanimity, but most of all  BEING part of something bigger than ourselves for the greater good.


or 2 for $72 ($24 savings)

These cards are specifically created to teach you to trust your own call so you can find your own inner goddess’s energy, which will magnetize that energy to tap into your highest self. So that you can be inherently present in your everyday life with yourself first, and then with the people around you.

What a beautiful gift and gesture they would make to anyone who NEEDS TO LEARN TO TRUST HER INNER VOICE.

You’ll also receive $250 worth of freebies for you to learn to integrate your inner wisdom with the GODDESS WISDOM MAP, MOON CYCLES, CRYSTALS, CHAKRAS, SPIRIT ANIMALS, DIGITAL ORACLE DECK VERSION, ACTIVATED GODDESS MEDIATION while you await the arrival of your cards.

Thank you for making this possible. I am filled with so much gratitude. I know your highest self and light workers are so excited for you! We will all rise together to truly step into this inner wisdom that is just waiting for us as goddesses to become who we truly are already!


or 2 for $72 ($24 savings)

I can’t wait for you to receive your own set of the BEING & BECOMING THE GODDESS ORACLE DECK! 

From my heart, my husband, my team and your keepers of light in this spirit world.

Thank you.

Become who you are!


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