My passion is helping you to tune into your “inner Goddess” : The part of you that is self-sufficient and self-belonging. This Passion comes from the fact that I myself had to learn to trust my inner voice, so I could create a life on My Own Terms.

Coaching Testimonials

I was honored to serve Phidia. Here is what she had to say about our work together:

“I am the most priviledged person to have worked with you. You connect with people, and you connected with me at my level and gave me the patience that I needed and the room to be vulnerable. You were passionate about my success and you went above and beyond to get me to the place that I felt confident. I feel I have a sister in you. We built a deep relationship, greater than just business. God bless you and may you continue to touch lives.”

Oh my goodness! I have to give a shout out to my amazing friend, Michele Julian! She is such a beautiful soul.

Today we chatted on a video chat for about 45 minutes as she did an oracle card channeling reading for me. The cards I picked out earlier this week are spot-freaking-on for where I am at in life. One card was about seeing the true me and the other was spirals of manifestation.

Both beautiful cards.
Both beautiful meanings.

And during the reading I saw angel number 344 which runs right in alignment with the reading.

I am telling you, if you need some clarity, message Michele because she is truly amazing at what she does. She also has a FB group for further in depth learning too: Julian Method: RISE Of GODDESS ACTIVATION GROUP

Samantha Wendt


Michele is a different coach/mentor. She doesn’t come as pushy or forceful who pressures you to achieve your goals. She tries to understand where you’re currently at and where you’re coming from. She also elucidates your deep-seated values and uses them to propel you in fulfilling your fullest potential. With Michele, you’ll come out of your coaching session refreshed, enlighted, empowered with a renewed mind and soul.

Melanie Wong

Michele’s Goddess Cards are gorgeous and a reading with her was just what I needed to get some clarity and determine my next move. Michele goes deep and also a lot of fun to work with!

Elaine Wellman

Michele has supported me as my business coach for nearly two months now, and the impact she had on my business has been tremendous. Michele helped me to grow into my own as a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner AND Business Owener! Her coaching is empowering and enables me to seize & live up to new challenges with confidence. Michele’s coaching accelerated the process of getting my business off the ground to a degree that had been unimaginable to me just a few months ago! Every one of our meetings has turned into a profound investment in my lasting success.

Kathrin Seidl-Gomez

PhD & Reiki Master Teacher

Watertown, MA


Neuromuscular Therapy that Michele designs is very unique and effective. She is very knowledgeable and she always tries to find classes that she can take to improve her sessions for clients. I have been to five sessions so far and I really enjoy it. Every session is different. She always brings in her coaching methods and new tools. It is not only a great place to learn new methods for pain relief; it is also a good way to find a tool that works for your body. Overall, I am happy with the results and I have been enjoying using the tools that she recommends. She definitely can help you get better too!


Working with Michele Julian has been a “game changer” for me. I would recommend her services to anyone. Michele has a unique and refreshing approach to her coaching and meditation practices. She has such a wonderful upbeat, positive attitude towards, life and life’s challenges, which she often refers to as, “life’s opportunities.” Michele’s ability to hold space for me and keep me focused is one of which is exemplary. Michele has helped my breath into my thoughts, therefore, taming my knee jerk reaction to self-criticism. Michele has worked with me at my pace, which has proven to make all the difference and made me a routine meditator now. Her coaching is a “must try”. Love, Love, Love The Julian Method.

Lacy Florentino


Berkshires, MA


Michele’s intense desire to help her clients makes her a natural at coaching. Her brand of coaching starts with her mastery of health and wellness and extends to all aspects of life. I started out as a bodywork client and now I am also a coaching client of hers. Being Michele’s client has helped me enormously with my physical well being. She has also helped me make adjustments which have benefitted me in my business life.
Michele’s coaching services are top notch. As a new small business owner, she gave me all of the tools I needed to get the ball rolling in my practice. Michele brought a refreshing sense of excitement and expertise to the table in each of our coaching sessions. From personal and professional development to modern marketing techniques, Michele will have you covered. I would highly recommend her services to anyone from the young entrepreneur to the seasoned business owner.

Massage Testimonials

“Using the foam roller as Michelle showed me, I’ve reduced my hip and back pain and even cut back on pain medication. I need to use the roller for 10-15 minutes a night. I do other stretching and strengthening exercises also but nothing helps the pain like the foam roller. The Franklin Ball works for neck pain in a very similar way. It’s like getting a massage whenever you want one, once you find the best spots to work on.”

— Sandra Mahaniah

“If you need a knowledgeable, experienced and strong masseuse, Michele is the person! She is very skilled and will personalize massages to the individual and to the particular ailments each session. I have been going to Michele on a regular basis for over 10 years. I have scoliosis and osteoporosis, plus a number of other orthopedic problems. Michele’s massages have been crucial in bringing relief and helping me. Having been trained in many holistic and fitness areas, including OT and yoga, she has been great at explaining and teaching me about muscles causing me pain and giving me many suggestions on stretches and other methods to help me manage my discomfort between massages. I highly recommend Michele!”

— Carol Temkin

“I have had issues with arm and shoulder tightness for years. I do a lot of crafts, primarily knitting, quilting, embroidery. No matter how much I stretch I over the course of several months everything seems to get tighter. My shoulders roll forward and I start loosing flexibility in my wrists. Michele does a great job of working them all out. My massages from her are body part specific with articulated goals about where I am tight. They are not painful, but do reflect the focus she gives my problem areas. The most surprising thing to me is that she frequently works my pecs as part of the massage (they are definitely a forgotten part of a woman’s anatomy!) After a session my shoulder blades relax and seem to slide further down my back and my elbow and wrist mobility increases. As a 30-something adjusting to the fact that my body is no longer as resilient as it used to be I find getting a massage to be very helpful and to give my stretching range a boost.
Barbara of Watertown”

— Barbara

“Unlike other massage therapists that aim to relax you, Michele aims to heal you. She works deep, and has stronger hands than a 6’5″ construction worker. She’ll back off and take it easy if you ask her to, but it’s best to let her work her craft. You’ll be thankful afterwards that she did. Unreal.”

— Mark Robinson

“Michele is a fabulous masseuse. She has been a wonder healer for me with various running injuries and does a great job at deep tissue massage. She is personable, punctual and very knowledgeable. Her understanding of the muscle groups is outstanding.”

— Darren Black

“I have known Michele for the past 3 years and I see her on a regular basis for managing my back pain. I have the highest regard for Michele and her talent as a massage therapist. Michele is the best massage therapist! I never leave her office without booking a future massage. Michele is able to pinpoint troubled areas and pay extra attention to that area, My health and my back are thankful to Michele.”

— Robin Bornstein

“Michele has given me a few massage and yoga sessions and once when I was in terrible pain. She was really compassionate and helpful, and was able to intervene in ways that directly addressed the pain. I highly recommend her as a massage and yoga therapist.”

— Sara Demetry

“Michele is a great person and an excellent Massage Therapist. I have used her services for a number of years. She adapts her massage therapy, well, dependent on what ails me at my visit. I always feel I get a full hour, which is what I paid for; not only 45-50 minutes. I am always very relaxed at the end with a good amount of endogenous endorphins flowing through me. I definitely recommend Michele as a massage Therapist.”

— Thomas Eaton PhD.

“Michelle is an amazing message therapist. She has a background in occupational therapy and is very professional in her body work. She gives incredible deep and effective message. I turn to her like I would a physical therapist – to help address various lower back pain, shoulder pain and more. I highly recommend Michelle if you are looking for a deep muscle message that is targeting a particular problematic area. She is knowledgeable and extremely good. I’m so grateful to have found her. I’ve had many different massage therapists over the years and Michelle is far above the rest. Don’t hesitate to give her a call.”

— Michelle Black

“Michele has been my massage therapist since 1999 and I am definitely one of her most challenging clients. She performs deep tissue therapy with strength, precision and excellent results. She’s so good that I wouldn’t want to share her with anyone so I can have her all to myself:-)”

— Holli Bassin

“Michele is a fabulous massage therapist who my husband and I have been seeing regularly since 2004. She is extremely educated and skilled. She is personable and professional. Her background in occupational therapy and yoga really shows as she works on your body – she addresses and corrects your problems and gives you helpful stretches and exercises to do on your own and she always gives a full hour massage.”

— Maggie Schmidt

“I have been using Michele’s massage therapy for many years. She is excellent at pinpointing a trouble area, working on it at my comfort level and obtaining great results. I always feel better when I leave Michele’s office. I highly recommend Michele!”

— Isabell Wells

“I started going to Michele for massages when I was training for a marathon. I wanted a deep tissue, sports massage. I have gone to many different people for massages and I have to say that Michele is one of the best. She is able to find trigger points and work out knots that I didn’t even know that I had. Michele is generous with her time and often goes beyond the slotted session time.”

— Maura LeClair

“I first began to see Michele to address injuries sustained during a head-on collision, and I would highly recommend her. She is a personable and experienced individual who truly cares about your overall well-being. She leverages her background in OT, Yoga and exercise during her body-work and will suggest exercises and stretches that will address your issues.”

— Hope Rubin

“Michele is a VERY skilled bodyworker. She can do deep work or more gentle work based on your needs and preference. She is also very talented at helping with specific injuries! She’s awesome.”

— Marisa Pease Donlin

“Well, last night I had the first good night’s sleep that I’ve had in a long time. I am a professional geek that works at his desk all day and my neck tends to get REALLY stiff. When I signed up for a 15 min neck massage, I had no idea what to expect. Let me tell you, Michele doesn’t waste time getting to the heart of the matter. She is very strong and knows now to loosen up the neck and shoulders in short order. The bottom line is that I felt great walking out of her office and I felt like I was breathing freely again. My first call was to my friend Mike to recommend Michele. Mike has an appointment today. If you experience Michele’s magic, you will be raving about it to your friends, too.”

— John ODonovan

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