You can be free from stress and bodily pain.

Balance. Coordination.
Breathing. Posture.

Aspects of ourselves that we utilize daily.

All are interrelated.

These days, however, they are probably not on the top of our minds.

Ignoring them or not being mindful of them results in us feeling overloaded and stuck with our thoughts and experiencing pain in our body.

I get it, and I am with you.

Since my own routine is different, I realized it’s been harder to stay consistent with self-care. Have you been finding yourself — 

  • sitting all the live-long-day, stooped over your iPhone?
  • head tilted forward over the stove all day, like you are a short-order cook? 
  • wondering where time has gone because this time in history has totally thrown us off our rhythm?

I’ve got something for you and your self care — specifically through mindful movement.

How would it feel like to —

  • be able to stand up and move, without any aches and pains?
  • be able to sit down without feeling that lingering discomfort you just can’t seem to figure out?
  • be able to lie down to sleep, or to do yoga, or simply just chill out — without stress or strain?

… and it would only take a 3-week online class to learn it all? 

Are you ready to be free from stress and pain?

Body Intelligence Coaching

Body Intelligence is a 3-week learning and activation program for women who are ready to let go of their physicial pain and aches, release their stuck energy in mind and body, and are eager to learn how to move with the flow of this present time (of these uncertain times) while being fully present in their bodies.

This program will help you —


Improve Body Movement

Body Intelligence helps you to let go of the past and make peace with the present, so you can relax, tune in to your highest, and be in your majestic posture.

You’ll learn how to —

  • purposely “still” your body to achieve this optimal state.
  • experience ease in every day movement. 

When you connect your own mind and own body with your coordination and posture, you then have ease with your everyday movements, like sitting down, getting up, and other movements we take for granted but are essential to us living a normal, healthy life.

Body Intelligence helps you get into the optimal balance of alertness and relaxation, of breathing and releasing tension moment by moment, so that you are actually aligning with the Higher Self.


Encourage Healthy Living

Healthy living is not about going on a diet or about restrictions.

It is all about the “being-ness” of wholehearted wellness.

You’ll receive training on —

  • mindfulness about what you’re eating and drinking
  • how to tune in to your body intelligence to inform you of when it is optimal for resting and renewing.

Body Intelligence gives you the tools to work with so that you emerge strong mentally and physically.

Because of this you can incorporate daily healthy practices that will strengthen overall well-being and amplify your joy.

Increase Energy and Mental Agility

Harness the all-healing power of mindfulness. Spending time outdoors specifically at a lake, or a beach, have just been revealed by science and medical studies to create a neurological experience known as “blue space” : the combination of soothing smells and sounds of water that have a regenerative effect on your brain. Blue space helps you generate a sense of peace, helping you feel happy, relaxed and re-energized.

Body Intelligence helps you to use certain mindfulness tools to help you generate blue space, from the comfort of your own home.  Through —

  • optimized meditations,
  • guided visualizations —

— you will learn to generate the experience of blue space, even if you do not have physical access to these outdoor options.

Here’s what the Journey entails…

Balance & Bliss

Theme: Balance and Coordination 

Balance = Stability. To find your center of balance, you need to FEEL how your body is aligned.

This week, we will learn —

  • True Alignment: 
    • Alignment is about understanding the relationship of your body and how it’s responding to conditions of the present time. When we are not in alignment because of stress or fear of what’s happening outside of us, we can find ourselves hunched over while sitting, or stooped while looking at our phones at the news, etc. all of which can give us pain and aches.
    • Body Intelligence will work on the alignment of your back, neck and head, as if you are being drawn upwards from the core, so you can learn to relax and release.
  • The Relaxation of the Muscles:
    • When we are stressed and fearful because of our outside conditions, we tighten our bodies unconsciously.
    • Body Intelligence will work on relaxing the neck and shoulders and face; the arms, and lower body, so that we are consciously releasing that stress and fear from the body. (Note: We’ll utilize a mirror for observation of your body, so you are getting into relaxation the right way.)

Stand Strong

Theme: Posture and Movement

This is all about taking part of the first week’s relaxation step, in different postures. We will focus on the following areas —

  • Sitting 
  • Standing
  • Walking 

Body Intelligence will train you how to utilize posture properly, through inner-sense listening and tuning into your guidance system and intuition.

Bringing it All Together

Theme: Integration Into Your Life

  • Finding Your Goddess Method: Your body benefits from the neural connections you’ve made in the first two weeks, and re-educates your mind and body to a new you.
  • Body Intelligence’s final phase in the journey moves you right into the Julian Method Practice, which is all about finding a method to your own sanctuary and well-being practice. You will be integrating all you have learned and practiced using the pillars of Balance, Coordination, Posture and Movement, and creating your own customized, intentional self-care routine that you can use yourself, moving forward.

Feel pain-free and concern-free, right now.

How This Works

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