Free Trainings — for you!

The free Julian Method: Spiritually Aligned Goddess Group is a free, Facebook Group collective to help you get started with a new way of living. Follow along and witness the power of intentionally living with me, and step into a new realm of Self Care for the Ageless Goddess

The Bare Bones

Basic 101 Goddess Tips & Tools

This 3-day consecutive bootcamp is a “taster” of the Julian Method, and will help you get started on your own goddess practice.

You’ll learn about the basic building blocks that help us all move and breathe better, nourish and hydrate properly, and set intentions that can truly help us live more fulfilled lives, daily.

Plus, enjoy a guided Goddess Meditation to help you get comfortable and get started on your own meditation practice — as essential to our body getting into rest and recovery mode. Enjoy!

Mindset Trainings

So much gratitude to be here with you on this beautiful planet. It’s really true that we each have a inner knowing. You know that sometimes we have doubts that trigger us to not listen to our own inner intuition. Believe me I can raise my hand that I, too, have doubts and can start the spiral of never feeling that “maybe it’s just too late” or  “I am too old”, or “Who I am to teach this?” . But this something stronger here at PLAY. There is something bigger than me, than you: a higher power energy. Without this higher power, we are nothing. These Mindset Trainings (completely free, inside my Facebook Group), is about authentic Self-Care that goes so far beyond the actions. It starts with having a mindset of loving yourself, so you can show up in your power to do what you are born to do. Enjoy!

Click below to connect with my friend Jessa Grace – Business Consultant to the collective innovators of our time.

 See The Soveriegn Goddess Open House below with Jessa Grace & The Empath Entrepreneurs to help you to hone, harness, and birth your purpose.

Click below for further Free Coaching – The Greater Good Innovation Initiation

Connect With Your Community

You know that your strength is your emotionally intelligence you are keenly aware and in-tuned, This allows you to stay grounded in this illuminating presence of strength. As a leader The Spiritually Aligned Goddess Community I give you permission share and to cultivate your own unique Warrior Goddess within. Together we will fine tune the mind,body and spirit with customized tools to empower our spiritual and emotional bodies. As a Goddess you’re an energetic being.. that has unique soul that is here to understand and align with our highest frequency of energy, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. You experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love and joy. This requires the goddess to anchor her unique vibration and understanding of presence of something in the spiritual sense. Becoming conscious of our thoughts to Manifest , Anchor , Align and Arise. It’s just feeling what we know is already true.. This is why I created the Julian Method For The Spiritually Aligned Goddess

60 Minute Goddess Code Reading