It’s been on my bucket list to write a book.

The universe is always listening to what our desires are.

I was blessed with a great opportunity to Co-Author with 15 other writers on this project “Letters To My Little Sister”.

We each picked various themes to write to a little sister or possibly to our younger self.

The irony of this writing is I was never going to feel ready.

It’s a feeling that has been deep inside of me that I just can’t hide this is my soul-care, it’s been calling.

I want you to know that I felt terrified at times, even frustrated, but my soul said in a loud voice “You got this!”

When you read this, your pain is your power.

Get ready to laugh and cry.
Get ready to become the cure.
Get ready to be inspired to have courage.
It’s time to read this book.

The world needs more Goddesses like you.

Letters To My Little Sister

Get ready to be inspired and motivated by these 14 women from around the globe who are powered by purpose.

Denise Emerson’s vision for this Anthology was driven by the wisdom and words of encouragement that she has received from her mother, her bonus mom and close friends.

She believes that many of our younger sisters today are growing up without role models or other sisters to guide them and offer positive words of encouragement and advice.
By sharing what she and other sisters have learned, her hope and prayers are to reach as many misguided sisters from all walks of life, regardless of skin color and backgrounds.

She believes in “Each One, Teach One……..spreading knowledge for the betterment of our community of sisters worldwide.

As you read the stories, you will be able to connect on some level. Whether the story applies to you directly or indirectly, the Words of Wisdom shared is priceless.

About Michele Julian

Michele Julian is a transformational coach and founder and creator of Julian Goddess Coaching, her mission to heal herself and others, Initially a mission has become a platform, movement, through connecting, networking with other entrepreneurs, thus the birth of her Podcast Rise of The Goddess Collective. Michele’s clients view her as a guide, mentor and a catalyst.

Michele loves cultivating relationships and connecting others to collaborate. How she does this is through her writing , podcasting as a host. You can explore her Goddess Wisdom Decks, and Goddess Activation Journal on her website or Amazon. Michele has been interviewed on several podcasts. Her work has been featured with:

Rise with Love Podcast Host, Melissa Mills, Launching Simplified Host, Kirstin Boncher. And dozens of other Media.

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