Find and Ground into Your Sovereign Abundance Vibration - Your FLOW state!

embrace your inner goddess and harness your personal superPowers!

Birth a new paradigm that serves you as well as the greater good!

A 5 day group mastermind

Find your power, harness it, and birth your new paradigm of abundance, fulfillment, and bliss!

Two experience options. The Open Activation and the VIP Activation. See below for details.

Jessa Grace with your Abundance Activation

If you have a transcendent mission yet struggle to create the transformation for your business the way you do for your people’s lives, I am here to help.

If you feel so strongly about your work that it sometimes isolates you from your own fulfillment and the people you should be engaging with, I am here to help.

If you feel overly sensitive and stressed to the point that you simply ‘can’t DO’ right now, I’m here to help.

Let’s connect you  you to your spiritual AND professional self – yes they can and should co-exist.

Your spiritual practice and your worldly purpose are meant to work together. I am here to help.

Get up. Get on your feet. Shake it off. Let’s GO!

Use your innovative, intuitive, creative, and connective powers to move yourself AND your people forward at light speed.

I am here to help.

Jessa will help you with:  

Personal Growth + Profesional Growth = Soverignty, Sustainability

Finding that state of ‘flow’ is just the beginning (and the hard part). Once you have mapped out for yourself your individual Flow elements and anchored into that state we continue to the actual innovation activatioin! 

Dissolve Limitations

We will dig into your perceived limitations, break them, and transmute ANYTHING in your way into a potential strength. 

Receive! Receive! Receive! 

Begin a receiving activation that will turn your sanity into ease, set your heart on fire, and turn your passion into purpose! 

Michele Julian with your Goddess Activation

I help guide you to being and becoming the Goddess Within. What does this mean?

Have you ever felt that there has always been some kind of guidance you have had access to — but you couldn’t put your finger on exactly what that is? I can help you come to Your own understanding of that “knowing.”

I guide my clients to understand their own place of knowing, and their intuitive ability to call on the keepers of light. These keepers are the angels; multidimensional and can be in all places at once, and they have a purpose which is love and guidance. Many of these angels have walked the Earth, just like you and me. They have gone through a spiritual transformation and they’re here to help you see your cosmic power as the goddess. There are other light angels, arch angels, gods and goddesses from the myths, legends and spiritual and religious texts of the world with all these special gifts. 

I help you BRIDGE your inner-knowing and to allow you to connect with your highest self so you can understand your soul’s purpose.  When you are “being” from this state, then you can operate your personal life and business life from this activated You, what we call the “becoming” state.

Michele will help you with:  


I guide you to be STILL, so you can connect to Your Divine Guidance for you to witness your spiritual truth. Through meditations and activations of your mind-body-spirit, so that you are able to tap into Your super intelligence, that highest self that supports you when you call on it.


When you are in stillness and presence, then I help you as you implement your super power skills on warp speed. This means you stop worrying and thinking about being in control, and come from a place of spirit and inspiration.

“OM”-ing™ Approach

I guide you as you live in connection with your own spirit, so you can design and implement and activate that “becoming” the goddess. Goddesses are able to create all possibilities; therefore, your inner goddess when awakened, becomes the creator of the kind of life you truly desire.

Martine De Luna on Idea-Birthing and Executing Your Embodied Brand

Once you have gotten clarity on how you help REAL PEOPLE in this world through tangible offers and services, I am here to help you birth those from concepts to PHYSICAL CREATIONS.

Once you have established how your spiritual alignment of purpose, mind-body intelligence and business co-exist: I help you create tangible experiences for humanity.

I help you —

Create OFFERS.

Conceptualize programs and courses.

Visuals and attractive design.

(I’ve helped people create a pathway and system to actualizing their dreams and plans, in manifested things.)

Let’s help you to make VISIBLE what was once invisible.

Martine will help you with:  

Visual Activation of Your Flow-Based GODDESS IDENTITY

We are higher dimensional beings, serving those coming into ascension. My unique approach to branding is one of total embodiment and working with the mind-body-spirit connection of who You Are, and translating that into tangle beauty: Your brand look, brand identity, and brand message.

Creative Consulting : Offer Creation

With an awareness that we are meant to serve the greater good with actual solutions to existing problems, I help by engaging you in intuitive brainstorming and co-creative consulting sessions. Here, you can intuitive birth your offers that magnetize your most-aligned clients.

Embodied Branding

As you activate your unique code through your business for the greater good, I help you (1) lean into offers and solutions, while at the same time (2) guiding you to always come from your Flow and your Goddess presence. You are thus a “living brand” : You are aware that you are building a life & business that is a physical, 3-D expression, but all the while coming from your awakened 4D- 5D way of being.

Choose either the Open Activation, or the VIP Activation. 


With the VIP Activation you get a session with each coach to work through any personal blocks, intensify your activation, or to receive personal channeling, support, or advice. 

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