Episode 1: Rise of The Goddess Collective

Hi I’m Michele Julian YOUR GODDESS GUIDE HOST The Goddess Collective is uniquely-crafted “container” for personal growth and unraveling of deep contemplation of your mind. We are all naturally wired to evolve in our womanhood, and in this collective, we will start with three special”chapters” to represent each unique life stage. Where do you find yourself today, goddess? There is a place for you here.

As your host of “RISE OF THE GODDESS COLLECTIVE. How you can learn about each CHAPTER will build on each one, like a beautiful garden of earth, roots, trees that become your foundation, base and every day expression of who you are. Every chapter is growing and unfolds according to your own growth and progress in your own inner knowing-which makes it a unique out come for everyone in the Collective. You can go here to see each chapter in a bit more detail for you. https://juliangoddesscoaching.com/the-collective/ The Rise of the Goddess is Ours To Create With all of the negative background noise of ‘competion’, ‘body shaming’, ‘jealousy…the

list goes on and on. We Goddesses have the opportunity to stand together and be

bigger, bolder, more elegant than all of that -the beat way to do this is TOGETHER We all deserve to not only feel like Goddesses, but live like one. It is only when we go inward and honor ourselves, our time, our space, our bodies, and our needs that we can truly be seen for all that it is that we have to offer the rest of the world. When we truly show up for ourselves and the Goddess that we are, the rest of the world will show up and treat us as just such… a Goddess. How do we do this? As Connectors that’s easy and fun. The Goddess Collective, Simplified. The Goddess Collective is a uniquely-crafted “container” for personal growth and unraveling. We are all naturally wired to evolve as women. Want to Rise? Join us here: Here is the link to Facebook Group You receive FREE Resources that has 3 day Boot Camp https://www.facebook.com/groups/2513098605643399/?epa=SEARCH_BOX

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