In this episode we review how the no matter what “Chapter” you are unravelling for personal growth. We are all naturally evolving in our womanhood minute by minute. The Goddess Collective is “Simplified”.  You can see that we have three special “Chapters” to represent each unique life stage. 
Chapter 1 : Early 20’s- Figuring out who you want to be at this age, you really don’t know who you are. 
You feel lost- you’re excited- but you’re lost. In many ways you’re just figuring things out.
Chapter 2 : in your 30’s you pretty much have decided what you want as an occupation, whether you’re working for a company- either way, it’s all about working- making money.
Chapter 3: 40’s and beyond is the best time of your life! You have been released from so much bullsh*t!
You know what’s important, you want to spend time with the people that you love, and they love you back. 
You simply don’t put up with anything that isn’t serving you. You really speak your truth. 
Your priorities finally get to revolve around what makes you happy, makes you feel vibrant, joyful, and simply blissful!
You just settle in and enjoying your life.
How This Works:
Each “Pillar” of the Goddess Collective program builds on each one, like a beautiful stacking up of foundation, base, and the every day expressions of who you are. Every pillar is fulsome, and unfolds according to your growth and progress in your own inner knowing — which makes it a unique outcome for everyone in the Collective. Here are each of the Pillars in a bit more detail for you.
Pillar 1: Start with Gratitude: Having a strong Gratitude practice is essential for your Goddess growth.
Pillar 2: Healthy Mindset Habits: Taking care of your mind and body by eating healthy and pampering it is the next step in embodying your inner Goddess.
Pillar 3: Embrace The Divine Feminine: For many, masculinity is a symbol of absolute power and too often, femininity is seen as a form of weakness or a subordinate status.
Pillar 4: Own your unique Goddess Style: Giving yourself permission to present yourself in a way that isn’t conforming or ‘expected’ is empowering and fun!
Pillar 5: Own Your Values and Feminine Power: Accepting and listening to your own feelings and emotions in any situation takes practice and patience.
 All too often our minds go to ‘fix’ or ‘serve’ in times of stress or uncertainty.
Our intentions turn away from ourselves. Taking the time to pause and listen to our own intuition starts with knowing what our own values and objectives for our lives are BEFORE anything else.
This is where integrity begins.
In order to find your inner goddess, it’s important that you find peace within yourself.
Pillar 6: Fuel Your Body Like a Goddess: In this program we will explore the many ways you can fuel your Goddess temple so that you have the energy, vitality, and presence of the Goddess within.
Your temple has it’s own unique blueprint that when honored with devotion and nutrition will serve you in so many ways!
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