Judy Giovangelo is a Goddess on a Mission. Judy’s mission supports the Bens of the world and their families to access tools to thrive.

*support those impacted by loss, especially moms and dads who have lost a Ben, a toolbox to forge a path forward in their lives by moving beyond grief to joy.

What is a Ben? A Ben is a highly sensitive, intuitive, creative and empathetic individual who struggles to feel accepted.

Read more Here: https://www.benspeaks.org/aboutben

Judy is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. This was born through her desire to help others, especially moms and dads who have lost a child, to navigate the grief process through a brilliant roadmap created over 30 years by the Grief Recovery Institute.

I am a heart with ears and facilitator to support you through the other side of grief to greater JOY!

Change your story, Transform your life from,  The inside…. out!

Judy draws from a diverse toolbox, combining the right mix of modalities for your needs during sessions on a healing table or remotely via ZOOM.


  • Full Spectrum Chakra Clearing with Tuning Forks
  • Past Life/Current Relationship Healing and Cord Removal
  • Grounding & Protection Healing for Empaths
  • Head to Toe Reiki Healing

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