In this episode, I talk about being an online entrepreneur, and the little nuances of growing a business during this uprising as a small business.

Remember how we couldn’t get paper towels, toilet paper, masks, plastic gloves…. It was a crazy time.


Who would have known, this would be our lives…

So here we are, 360 degrees later.

Summer 2021, slowly coming together with caution here in states, wearing mask even if we are fully vaccinated.

Little background:

I’m recording this while staying in a hotel, the Hilton in NYC. The stress thoughts started, “Is the room clean enough?”

I had a conversation with the hotel concierge about wearing the mask vs not wearing a mask. Do you put your mask on? Or not?

It’s not about wether or not you should wear a mask if you’re vaccinated or not. The consensus is about respect for the other person, not about how you think it should be. But observing others and how you can see just by looking and watching, reading the room with body language and of course with their eyes. We as a humans have learned how to observe more with eye expression.

Are you having these self-refections?

What is social respect?

Are you comfortable with having this conversation?

This is personal decision, how you want to be in the world and how you feel about wearing the mask now that you are fully vaccinated.

Believe me, I hate wearing the mask, I felt very claustrophobic wearing it, that’s why I went to Vermont for most of 2020.


I choose to not create more stress and suffering, especially during this time.

We all have our own thought process, that is all about FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Topics Shared:
Self Awareness
Not all-knowing
Human consciousness
Awake open
Are you moving slowly through life?
Being the change is being part of the change

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