Radka Gimerová’s wisdom is her passion and mission. She supports women towards natural health, balance and joy in everyday life. In this episode she hares how you can live a life in accordance with your own value system.

She believes that we all have gifts that are our strengths. What she shares is how you can be present even with the stresses in life.

The main topics are:
– Choosing honesty
– Presence over Self-judgement
– Perfection is just a disguise of “Fear”

You have a choice to own your unique journey to heal and spark your balance and walk in truth, with authentic confidence, vitality and inspiration. This is her passion and mission to learn how to spark your own unique balance.

Radka’s Links:

Radka’s work at: www.sparkyourbalance.com

Free guide on 3 Ways to find your calm in the chaos www.sparkyourbalance.com/calm-the-chaos

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