Welcome to a special episode of the podcast as Michele is talking to two of the 15 co-authors of Letters to My Little Sister that we are all very passionate about.

Beaudy hails from the beautiful island of Guam, and she is an award-winning entrepreneur and international best-selling author. Her goal is to support everyone who works towards advancing ethics, education, environment, and entrepreneurship.

Being a big sister herself, it was only natural for her to join this collaboration and dedicate her chapter to her little sister. She loves her profession and has always gone for the unpopular path whenever she needed to. Beaudy knows that others are interested in a different kind of education and a similar, more independent path. She has imbued these values into her letter.

Dianne Shelton is a former Fortune 500 management consultant who is now on a mission to help female entrepreneurs develop and improve their businesses. She does it all through very practical means and simple systems, which is exactly why her methods are as successful as they are.

She completely changed her calling and profession, and she wants her letter to encourage others to do the same if they need to. The words are there to help young girls understand that it’s ok to change paths in life so they can have more confidence to choose something now.


Beaudy’s and Dianne’s Links:
Beaudy’s website Beaudy Co. Labs
Beaudy’s other business Fundforte
Beaudy on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
Dianne’s website – Passion Breakthrough
Dianne on Facebook and Instagram


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