Who knew that this podcast that was inspired by being on a mission to change the paradigm of competition and comparison of other female entrepreneurs online? When you decide to rewrite your own story of self doubt, what I had to say was important. The struggle is real and feeling safe to share my own wisdom online, I made a decision that being the change I was looking for was my mission.

In this solo episode of Rise of the Goddess Collective, I reveal how being the change I was looking for became the catalyst of others wanting to see this change as well. The core value for this podcast is helping others share their stories of change collectively.

I teach you to think of your own mission as a movement, a community, a village. We can’t be the change we are looking for on an island by ourselves.

It’s like Martin-Luther King Jr. He had a dream that was bigger than himself. He inspired other people to rise up and be part of this dream of freedom.

So here we are, it’s 2022 and it’s time to reflect for all of us! What we did in 2020 and 2021, how all that growth has not only elevated our collective vibration, but everyone is truly on board in being the change. Gather your tribe around.

In this episode of Rise Of The Goddess Collective you’ll learn:

  • Why this Podcast was inspired.
  • How 2020- 2021 felt like the same.
  • Being on a mission is becoming a movement.
  • How my own self-doubt and competition of comparison inspired this into a movement.
  • What I learned about being a “Fixer”.
  • How you can learn to uncage those old paradigms.
  • How to pivot online and surround yourself with others that want to be the change we are all looking for.
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