Welcome to the first podcast of 2022, Boy wasn’t 2020-2021 like really a whole year? These two years felt like a blur… We couldn’t have imagined that 2021 felt like 2020. In the beginning we recap 2021, just in case you missed my solo episode, ‘#19: Reflections Inspired Mission’ (you might want to listen to that one as well), it’s super juicy like most of the goddess episodes. What happened for me in 2021, working with my amazing business consultant/coach, a super powerful, amazing woman she is – you can’t even describe all the things she can do. The first word that comes to mind is magnetic and as Jessa’ states it’s “DIVINE TIMING”, every thing will “FLOW”.

Jessa Grace is a ‘Brainstorming Queen of flow’. You have heard me interview her before last year.

We talk about how we do less, which equals more. This is the divine Flow and ease and grace, but this comes with determination and confidence. There’s no special magic here, this isn’t that interview you have heard about making 10k months, with sprinkle dust… You actually do the work that feels good and easy. The BEING state is what I refer to. You are not pushing and posting online all the time. It’s about aligned intuition and following through with this 5 step process. I’m so excited for you to listen to this interview with Jessa Grace.

Here we are in 2022 with Jessa Grace, from Florida. Jessa shares why the 5 Cs can be used for new projects or when you are feeling burn-out.

In this episode of Rise Of The Goddess Collective you’ll learn:

  • Stop feeling insecure
  • What is divine timing
  • What can happened organically in 2022
  • Being in “FLOW” Brainstorming Flow
  • Being + Becoming Oracle Decks
  • How you can “DO LESS” Receive MORE impact.
  • What it means to be successful.
  • What are the 5 Cs
  • Jessa Grace shares her wisdom of why you can use the 5 C’s anytime.
  • How CLARITY is one of the key concepts to be successful online.
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