Welcome to the Journey of Being + Becoming Goddess Guide!

You will love this episode, it’s so important to share how we start out with an idea that is inspired as a mission that becomes a movement.

It’s not about how much money we are making, it’s our energy in how we show up and what I stand for in this big, online world.

This is not what I am all about as a Goddess Guide. I am meeting many other women that resonate with this movement. It’s all about changing this paradigm of boasting how much money you make online as a coach doesn’t equal your success. This by no means you shouldn’t be paid for your wisdom.

It’s about what you stand for, and being you and how you change people lives for the better, regardless of how much money you get paid.

This is what happens online when you stay true to your super powers and continue to invest in your skills to be the change you are looking for, without shaming others or implying that they need to invest in themselves, to the point of maxing out credit cards.

As you hone your craft, you own who you are intuitively in your gut. Consistently showing up in a way that’s you isn’t something you need to figure out.

It’s just being you, and your clients will be attracted to you are, not because you earn 6 figures. It’s about your vibration and whether or not you need guidance of your own wisdom. This is what I am all about, guiding, facilitating the goddess within.

In this episode I share all of the goddess products and the bonuses that are available.

In this episode of Rise Of The Goddess Collective you’ll learn:

  • Goddess Tips email campaign
  • Free Guided Body Scan Meditation
  • What makes you unique
  • How you can tap into your inner power
  • What happened when I saw a Priest Standing Over me
  • Why there are no accidents in life
  • How our awakening can be a breakthrough
  • Why are you here, what is your soul purpose
  • We can make a difference being the change
  • How your mission can become a movement
  • Why Brene Brown inspired my creativity
  • How you manifest your energy with your thoughts
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