Hey Everyone! Oh my God! So so excited about this episode with Ashley Maas and Loryn Sheahan, the Rise Up Experience Event.

This is going to blow you away! They are changing the paradigm of hosting in-person events for women. The collaboration is about how to break free from their limiting beliefs, They have empowered each other to take that radical self-responsibility of their own lives to RISE together as women that they are worth becoming.

These two women standing in their power of their own individual healing journeys “Becoming The Essence of You”, it’s juicy, just super heartfelt and inspiring.

That you too can heal, rise into becoming the essence of you!

In their own words:

“We both believe that in order to overcome our past and become the person we DESERVE to be we must RISE UP, face our struggles, work every single day on ourselves and never say never.” Loryn Sheahan, Ashley Maas

Ashley shares: “Through my own experiences, I have grown a DEEP passion in empowering and educating women around the globe to take back control of their lives. Raising awareness around domestic violence, trauma bond recovery and post-separation abuse, my mission lies within empowering YOU to love yourself at every stage of healing and recovery.”

Loryn shares: ” I am a women-empowering, personal development-loving, values-driven empath and multi-passionate entrepreneur whose sole purpose in this life is to be LIGHT to those around me. I strive to show moms how to discover their self-worth, find their authentic truth and LOVE themselves from the inside out while helping them understand that they were all made for greatness!”

Loryn Sheahan and Ashley Maas created RISE UP Experiences because they saw a REAL need in their community and in the world for an in-depth look and REAL-WORLD approach to self-love and personal development. Bringing together a sense of community, sisterhood and acceptance, no matter what your background is.

Rise Up Experiences


It doesn’t matter who you were, where you’ve been, who you’ve hurt, what traumas you’ve faced, all that matters is- where you’re going and WHO you get to become. Here, we are all ONE.

They have led HUNDREDS of soul-led women on a mission to discover who they are at their core while embracing their life’s purpose. We must love our lives to LOVE our ventures in life.

This is not your typical women’s conference; we invite you to experience what it’s like to deep dive into your LIFE and LIFE’S PURPOSE as ONE. Spend 2 FULL days immersing yourself into CHANGE that will leave you feeling transformed and on purpose.

We have cultivated soul-aligned speakers from all over the United States, a panel board of our sponsors & local women run businesses and corporations to work alongside all of you to expand your heart and discover your true passion.

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