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Our guest for today is Dahlya Brown Shook.

Dahlya is a bridge to the science and the magical modalities to teach others to regulate their nervous system, to feel safe in your own body so that the person with a sensitive nervous system can truly thrive, heal and transcend beyond self imposed and limiting boundaries.

In this episode, we talk about how our trauma can be manifested through our relationships. The good news is you actually can heal from your trauma no matter what level of trauma. This is a holistic approach, with self compassion.

We are human beings that are always evolving depending on our various chapters of our lives and what cycle we are experiencing. There is always a way that we can address these physical and emotional issues, it’s a process and practice.

In this episode of Rise Of The Goddess Collective you’ll learn:

  • The various degrees of trauma
  • How our body is brilliant at teaching us how to find a place of safety with small to medium trauma
  • How the body finds mechanisms to self-regulate and cope
  • Big “T” Trauma is no brainer feeling that is going to affect you in a way that can prevent your overall well-being
  • How these traumas can affect our emotional health and our brains
  • What happens with the Vagus Nerve
  • Fears that we are not going to get our needs met
  • When the Language Center can actually get shut down
  • What is self-compassion and what can we practice with communication?

Dahlya’s Links

To get in touch: https://www.holisticmedicalhealing.com/contact

Holistic Shopping Guide for Mental Health
Habit Tracker & Vision Boarding

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