Welcome to Pink Full Moon Meditation

Feel Into this Full Moon


This Full Moon Cycle is eclipse energy that is preparing us for April 30th, New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

The Moon cycles are changing second by second. It’s a perfect time to write and burn your intentions.

This Eclipse energy is encouraging you to transform, with the full moon energy of illuminating what needs to be attended to.

When you create a sacred space inside or outside your environment, it’s up to you, there is no right or wrong way to create this Full Moon Ritual.

Your intention is that you are tuning into your higher self, starting at the crown chakra, taking deep breaths, as you settle into your physical body allow your breath to flow through your aligned posture, head over shoulders, settle into your throat chakra, release your truth into your heart chakra, when you find your voice you can communicate with compassion and understanding.

This flow of energy with the breath can luminate into the solar plexus, feeling the stomach expand, release this energy and into the root of the base of the spine. This practice of listening what is being revealed to you about what you need to welcome your transformation in your life.

Here are some questions for your meditation contemplation:

What areas of your life are you living out of balance, integrity, harmony?

Where are you holding on to old mental and emotional patterns or habits, that do not serve who you are becoming?

Pause, your mediation and write and journal your thoughts, then you can release and burn them after you feel complete.

The process of this practice is:

  • Contemplation
  • Observe
  • Awareness

Enjoy your guidance and trust your wisdom that your higher self shares with you.


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