Welcome to yet another juicy interview with Christy Avis.

She is one of my favorite coaches that I have worked with, we met in mastermind about three years ago. When you go through the process of mastering your super powers as a coach, it’s required to allow your higher perspective to guide you, even when it doesn’t make any sense at all.

Christy Avis has turned everything upside down when it comes to understanding Human Design. Christy believes that human design finds us we don’t find it. It is something that seeks us out to take us on this next level in a way that aligns for our path of evolution.

It’s all energetic, we are beautiful souls that are here on purpose and with the Human Design it offers that deeper understanding, a blue print that can help us understand how we can communicate in our business and our lives.

It’s an opportunity to slow down and feel within your own energies, “This is how you’re meant to interact with the world. This is how you’re meant to feel within your own energy and it really is this awakening that’s happening right now with human design and all these other methodologies we are learning to tune into the innate essence within us that knows way beyond what our mind could ever comprehend. And so we’re learning to decondition these pieces of us that have plated fear and lack and logic and starting to listen to this wisdom that is within our bodies and we are all leading a revolution by embodying our human design and by being the people who are like I don’t need to know where I’m going in logic. I trust the universe is leading me on the path of least resistance to my desires, which really is what human desire tunes you into.” Christy Avis

It’s Christy’s Mission to empower you, to “BE their design”. Human design taught in a way where you become the living embodiment of alignment instead of concepts you intellectualize.

A space where we create coherence in the frequency you emit and the frequency of your desires.

A space where we own the frequency of being THAT B*TCH, where you no longer subscribe to the paradigms of hustle, working your way up, playing with logic and time. A frequency where life, love, money, and business expansion all exist in the now moment.

I stand for women living lives that are so full, so happy, and so in tune with themselves that everything else is just a bonus.

This is my mission, my purpose, my being.


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