New Moon Taurus Intentions:

The New Moon energy is an opportunity to slow down, feeling the necessary action of pausing to look within our hearts and how we can return to love.

You are feeling this energy of the power struggles within our universe. It’s true that this is a powerful time with this New Moon.

This New Moon is in Eclipse Mode, with this energy of the sun that is right in alignment of the nodes of the moon.

Node is the sign of solar eclipse; this guides us to pause to slow down, not shut down, but to go within this shadow energy, the worrisome energy.

This New Moon Taurus Energy is different because Uranus emanates “being awake”, you’re aware of the upheaval at the same time, the duality is staying in your own truth.

What it is you need to move forward into the month of May with your personal life being in your business, opportunities need to stay in alignment with your truth, it’s about taking action with love and compassion lifting this higher consciousness come back in to our truth of our own wisdom and know that this wisdom is in our heart chakra. It’s our higher consciousness, not just for ourselves, but collectively.

In this meditation you can shift your energy to actualize, by asking yourself the question, what is possible for me with my business and family?

Sitting in aligned posture, release your breath , place your hand on your one hand on your heart and the other hand on the solar-plexus, then, deep breathe into your body from the heart to the throat, you know your truth, no need to take on this power struggle alone.

Love and light is here within this power struggle, tune into your heart, solar-plexus and speak your truth though throat chakra.


Life is beautiful with the spring in bloom, tune into all of your senses.

As your facilitator and guide you are capable of activating your own higher consciousness.

Come receive this beautiful New moon Meditation of your own truth.

Other people will align with your wisdom of knowing there are no limits, imagine you had no limitations with your new moon Taurus energy, can you see how your own communication with your relationships can become deeply fulfilled?

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