In this interview I’m in conversation with one of my dear soul sisters, Toni Bergins, the founder of JourneyDance! In it she shares:

✨Her own (r)evolutionary path that led to develop and create Journey Dance as a Global phenomenon.
✨Some of the intense challenges she faced on your journey to step into her full embodied leadership.
✨What being an embodied leader & birthing your love into action means to her.

In this episode of with Toni Bergins you’ll learn:
✨What does this mean when we are truly allowing the Goddess to move through you?
✨ How as Goddess’s can we be a part of “Divine Feminine Rising”
✨How can we as healers integrate this Divine Femine with the Masculine energy?
✨Integration what is actually happening here with Journeydance?
✨Toni explains why she created the “REMEDY” and why she includes the journaling to process our emotions to help with integration.
✨Why you can safely do this by trusting yourself with compassion.
✨Toni shares with you a taste of her recent downloads and what new energies are moving through her.
✨Toni Bergins shares about JourneyDance™, and how Dance and movement can help you heal and express your true self freely with more love.

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What is JourneyDance with Toni Bergins:

Toni Bergins, founder and creator of JourneyDance™, has worked with thousands of people — giving them practices they can use every day to feel more sensually revived and emotionally empowered.
A ritual journey of physical and emotional discovery, JourneyDance™ combines guided movement and improvisational dance to help us get out of our heads and into our bodies. Current research proves that movement, dance, and music have a measurable impact on the nervous system and its ability to rewire itself. Through breath, sweat, and self-expression, we can also begin demystifying our body’s language — and listening to what it can tell us about all aspects of ourselves, including our unconscious patterns.


Tuesday JourneyDance at 12pm Eastern


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Voice In Motion Workshop at Omega

August 5 – 7, 2022

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The Remedy Retreat at Omega

August 7 – 12, 2022

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