Karen H. Bradford is has a proven track record as a Corporate Trainer with nearly 22 years. She is innovative self-starter who delivers quality training programs to result in increased retention rates, strategy, and productivity. Karen’s passion is being a positive advocator for equality and individualization in learning environments.

Being an innovative critical thinker she has a strong commitment to training excellence through clear communication and ethical decision-making practices.

She is a very successful problem-solver with sound judgement, intentionality, and ability to communicate complex issues to diverse adult learners.

Karen is a coach that helps other leaders, that our teachers to really rise up their own consciousness to be the leader that they’re looking for so they can be that change.

In this episode with Karen you’ll learn:

✨Karen shares her process of deep grief of losing her daughter five years ago.
✨In this spring chapter of hibernation, she asked herself the deeper question’s what’s important what’s not important.
✨What am I really doing? What am I called to do?
✨She shares her own super power as a leader and how pivoting online was surprising.
✨ Karen shares her own unique goddess moves in the leadership world
✨How she took a step back before in order to innovate and pivot online
✨What’s most important to Karen is being and becoming authentic as the best advocate.
✨The real raw struggles of having to wear different hats as wife, mother, teacher, leader
✨How she has strengthened that inner goddess wisdom of discernment. In her personal and business life
✨Karen explains her reflective practice for her personal and business life. “What’s my WOW”?
✨How she stopped seeing things aa failures, reframing “How can I Improve”?
✨Karen refers to her “Reflective Process” her “Super Powers”
✨She also shared the importance of “Active Listening”-listening to things that you don’t really hear.
✨How her parents and teachers first take a step back with observation.
✨Then how to use the ABC’s is the antecedent, the behavior and the consequence. This creates clearer communication.

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