Pillars of the Collective

In this episode we start with each ” Chapter ” Of the Goddess Collective program builds on each one, like a beautiful stacking up of foundation, base and the every day expressions of who you are. Every chapter is fulsome, and unfolds according to your growth and progress in your own inner knowing– which makes it a unique outcome for everyone in the Collective. Here are each of the Chapters in a bit more detail for you.

Every chapter is growing and unfolds according to your own growth and progress in your own inner knowing-which makes it a unique out come for everyone in the Collective.

Chapter:1: Start with Gratitude

Having a strong Gratitude practice is essential for your Goddess growth.

This helps to instill trust in your inner Goddess so that you can trully surrender to the things you have no control over. This helps you to make more room for the things you are embodying, creating, and exploring!

In this program we will approach gratitude in a whole new way. It isn’t simply a lovely emotion, it is a state of being that when embodied you feel throughout your entire being!

Chapter 2: Healthy Mindset Habits

Taking care of your mind and body by eating healthy and pampering it is the next step in embodying your inner Goddess.

Your body deserves to be treated with self-care practices that honor your physical and mental health.

In this program we will explore the many ways you can pamper and nurture your physical and emotional self so that your inner Goddess is not only seen, but felt throughout every part of your being!

Chapter3: Embrace The Divine Feminine

For many, masculinity is a symbol of absolute power and too often, femininity is seen as a form of weakness or a subordinate status.

In this program you will look past this state of mind and celebrate the many unique strengths of femininity.

You will do this by creating a safe space for yourself where you can relax and feel comfortable and empowered in your body and in your environment.

Doing this will help you to truly ‘sit on your throne’ in your every day life – regardless of the stresses that come your way.

Chapter 4: Own your unique Goddess Style

Goddesses come in many forms, so there is a lot of freedom to develop your own style.

Popular representations of goddesses depict women wearing flattering, yet modest, clothes that have a classic and romantic style to them.

What is your unique Goddess style?

Let’s have fun with it and excentuate your unique approach to self expression and ease with your style!

Giving yourself permission to present yourself in a way that isn’t conforming or ‘expected’ is empowering and fun!

These are the first 4 Chapters for now! take it all in you will want to listen to this and probably take notes! Sometimes I use Otter.com its a great tool to record and have a transcript of the recording.

It’s not about me It’s all about you and your unique inner you!

The next episode we will cover the Chapter’s 5: “Own Your Values and Femine Power”and Chapter 6: Fuel Your body Like a Goddess

The Goddess Collective is a uniquely-crafted “container” for personal growth and unraveling.

We are all naturally wired to evolve as women.

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