This episode was inspired by my bike ride, this is where I tap in and tune into my juicy Chakra Intuitive Downloads that I love to share with you!

It’s all about our powerful juicy goddess energy we all can Access and Activate. These are thoughts that are stored in our emotional body.

When we move our physical body, ie walking, cycling, hiking, swimming, that’s when you can actualize and activate this energy for you to process and contemplate this information. It’s visceral, powerful message. We are evolving and growing no matter what chapter we are in our lives. If you have not listened to this ✨#EPISODE 3 Rise Of The Goddess Collective Chapters OF THE COLLECTIVE (THE PILLARS OF OUR LIVES BUILD OUR FOUNDATION). This theme is “container” for personal growth and unraveling. We are all naturally wired to evolve in our womanhood, and in this Collective, we have three special “pillars” to represent each unique life stage.

“When I use the term “Goddess Code”: shatter with self-love and equanimity. Bring forth the energy of love in current circumstances, letting this energy guide to your own self-approval. Others do not define who you are. You recognize that balance, kindness and love bringing calmness to your soul. Understand any pro-noun He, She, Her, They, Him is a GODDESS becoming.”

In this episode I share with you:
Visualization Process of Un-becoming is a practice of our old programming since childhood. First we need to recognize the self-limiting beliefs. Now it’s important that you need nurture yourself, so you can strengthen and develop a deeper understanding to become the version of you that has always been in your soul. It’s about practices that activate this understanding to create your own sustainability.
✨We all have this strength that is available to listen to our own unique wisdom.
✨ You are here on this planet Earth for a reason.
✨Post pandemic is real term, it’s an energy of processing about how we want to contribute our light, our wisdom, in our daily lives.
✨We have the capacity of this, self-awareness, self-reflection practice to create clarity and energy of “THiS IS WHAT I STAND FOR”.
✨Knowing Your YES’s and NO’s.
✨How journaling actually helps your own self-discovery.
✨Affirming, activating and believing who you are as a Goddess, you can become the new version vs old self-limiting beliefs.

So much more!
Enjoy this will be so worth your while as you are on a journey of personal development of BODY CONFIDENCE, LOVING WHO YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE.

Here are some AFFIRMATIONS:






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