I’ll just tell you right now, this episode is about learning to enjoy our own bodies when it comes to sex and sexuality. The everyday news in the world has been too heavy, it’s been just too much. I think we all can agree on that.

Come, listen and learn how you can talk about sex with your partner. It can be easier with some compassionate sex coaching and education.

Gwyn Isaacs is a sex coach and educator, and is the “Queen Goddess” that has been dedicated to helping people find the joy in their sex lives. Her mission as educator is helping you understand “How Good You Can Feel”.

In this episode we discuss how most people don’t feel comfortable talking about sex and how to talk about sex, not only with your partners, but just in general. It’s a normal conversation, similar to how our bodies are with reference of losing weight, how clothes fit and all of those topics that women talk about, right?

But I find when I bring up topics like sex or masturbation or any of those topics, people get a little uncomfortable with that.

Gwyn also shares:

Her journey of growing up on the radio with her parents who were DJs.

How she started with her first radio station idea and the college radio, ultimately working at radio station.

When her life path shifted like it does, she realized her calling to help others with their own sexuality.

How wanting to reach more people on wider scale, with divine inspiration her higher-self realized “START A PODCAST”.

We talk about when you get the inspirational calling to share your own Goddess wisdom even in the midst of of pandemic.

Podcasting can be so easily accessible to our audiences, how our listeners can tune into their favorite episodes while they work on their computers, cook dinner or drive around doing our daily tasks.

Gwyn explains her process of intake of new clients. It starts with asking a lot of questions, so that she can really figure out where they are, what they want to accomplish, because coaching is very much goal oriented, not therapy, although she can end up doing some mild therapy.

She starts with a lot of questions to figure out where you are and your goals. Then together a game plan on how you can get there.

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