Samantha Nicole is not only a Mindful Mama of 3 kids, twins and a teenager, she has learned how to become a powerhouse of unstoppable energy.

First she assimilated to re-program old ancestral limiting beliefs.

This was a slow-steady progression of deep reflection, self awareness.

Over time she witnessed how her own life force could change with radical acceptance as she became her own inner guru of self-love (higher self).

Samantha’s Higher Self Activation was the beginning of rewriting her own story.

This at times was hard work but she wanted to rediscover her own heart. This is a practice of healing your heart and rediscovering your true soul source that’s deep within us all.

She knew she was on to something big, she could feel it. This was the power of the feminine. Thus the birthing of Mindful Mama Wellness.

She saw so many mamas burning out. She knew it was time to share her own breakthroughs.

It’s about understanding how your own emotional healing process can change your whole trajectory of your life and your family’s life.

Samantha wants you to experience your breakthrough as she calls it “Its like having your own hype girl in your back pocket!




Mindful Mama Wellness




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I would love to invite you into a safe space and uplifting community where you can recycle your negative thoughts into positive actions. A place of free-thinking, creativity, imagination, and PLAY.

This membership is for the changemakers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, mothers, and all other soul-led individuals who need extra insight into their lives to improve their reality and gain the confidence to do so.


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