On this episode, Dana Lynne talks about this Chapter in her life and how her business has recently innovated and pivoted. Dana shares how she stretches and strengthens her intuition while running her own online business.

In Dana’s words:

I’m a witch, a healer, an intuitive empath and a Creatrix. I have been on my path for 30 years (which is why they call me The Crone) and during that time, it has woven through many different experiences. I have dabbled in the darkness, played with the fairies, soared with the angels, basked naked in the moon goddess’ light and danced with the forest god. I consider myself an eclectic, practical witch. Eclectic because of my many interests and practical because I have found, over the years, that it’s better to create Magick with what you have than try to make it perfect. Intention overrides technique every time! I fully believe that to live your most authentic life, you need to incorporate your Magick into your daily routines! Everything from your morning coffee to your bedtime routine and everything in between can be infused with Magick!

I am also a healer. I perform soul level healings through the Akashic Records. I love working with energy and moving it in the body and energy fields to open the flow for learning, understanding, growth, healing and awakening. Ancient practices of Qigong and Yoga fascinate me. Learning to work with energy has made my Magick so much stronger and more focused.

As an intuitive empath, I have developed a number of psychic gifts that I can tap into and use throughout my spiritual practice. I can help you tap into those, set boundaries and learn to protect yourself from attack on this level.

Finally, as a Creatrix, I create and teach and help others grow. That is my calling on this earth. That’s why I created the groups, services and classes I offer! I’m excited to see where you are and where you end up!


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