Jess Campbell creator of the podcast “Your angels are talking, are you listening?” is a Intuitive ANGEL Healer, Podcast Creator & Host, Motivational Mindset Speaker and Toxic Relationship & Woman Empowerment Speaker.


In Jess’s words:

My name is Jesse Campbell, but my clients know me as “Jess Intuitive 😇Angel Healer.”

I am a Spiritual Practitioner and my only Religion is LOVE and ALL paths that Lead to it! Compassion and Listening are my two biggest Super Powers that help me capture an audience & relate my message of HOPE & FAITH. I have a PASSION for sharing my message regarding Angels, Toxic Relationships, Self Care and Acknowledging the Under Dog Story!


I have been apart of and served the medical community since 2008, earning my Associates in Applied Sciences in 2012. Some titles included working as a Medical Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant & Behavioral Tech for mental health. My medical background has taught me many different problem solving and coping skills for clients with trauma. All of this experience has helped me to learn what my individuals really need to thrive again!


I have been studying the spiritual side of life now since my “spiritual awakening” in 2017. My story might be similar to a few out there, I was in a Toxic 10 year marriage that was ending & I had to Relearn how to LIVE again, after deciding that I would not let this be the END of my story. I started seeing repetitive numbers such as 777 & 711 and this caused me to look further into what it meant. This whole journey has changed my ENTIRE view and way I Live my life, including my toxic eating & daily routine! I Love to help others by teaching them simple habits to change.



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