Linda Liv Doktar is a Visionary, Expansion Coach & High Vibe Healer who is committed to helping people heal & master their energetics to amplify their results in Life, Business & Relationships.
She is the founder of High Vibe Evolutions and is a passionate advocate for raising the vibration of humanity & our planet, and creates embodied transformation within others by helping them transform their energetic blue print.
From a broke, lost & depressed girl into an empowered, embodied and vision driven woman – Linda is now on a mission to help more of humanity stay High Vibe & THRIVE!
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11-day Healing Portal- I subscribed to this it was defintely a great way to start your journey without too many steps.
“This 11-Day program is a sacred space for you to heal, let go, surrender and find your inner centre.
It is a space that will help you understand your emotions and how to Transmute, Transcend, Transform with humble discernment & wisdom.”
This portal is open for you to access for $44 USD, and you will also have these tools for life.
“I highly recommend this 6 week journey. Even if you know about self-mastery and have tools to embody your frequency, Linda has a gentle way of holding space for where you are, she completely understands we all have unique blueprint that we came in with at birth. This human experience is not linear at all, even when we think we have done the shift of consciousness. You won’t be disappointed with this portal. Linda’s guidance is just that, she doesn’t preach what you should or shouldn’t do but shares her own wisdom of unlearning, deprogramming behaviors that we came in with that don’t really serve you. It’s a non-judgement sacred portal customized for you a the unique goddess you are.” Michele Julian
Is a Life-altering 6-week journey to master your Energetics, to embody your Soul’s highest frequency and activate your energy field into a state of magnetism. This journey will shift your main state of being into a higher vibration – we attract not what we want, but WHO & WHAT WE ARE.
We are all naturally wired to evolve as women.



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