Martine De Luna is a wife, mother and certified transformational coach.


At the heart of her work, she helps women who are leaders, founders, and creatives to STOP HUSTLING and lean more into their femininity.


Through 1-on-1 mentoring, or through her group programs, she guides women to “co-create” with their heart and God, and cultivate an internal peace within, so that they can discern more clearly and live with more intention.


Her community is filled with women, life coaches, authors, consultants, teachers, fitness coaches, writers, creatives, executives, network marketers and freelancers who would like to live in true femininity, rather than force and hustle.


We discuss:

How to’s of applying of Masculine & Feminine Principles:

Feminine- Expression, Structure of Desires of abundance

Masculine- Structure, Strategic, Planning

Stop the Hustle

Law Attraction

Pivoting 2020-2021

Being & Becoming:

Creative Being= Expansion

Shifting, change, expansion

Vision, Expansion is the Pivoting

#1 Expansion for Martine, building her membership portal to Guide others to Pivot for Expansion


Martine De Luna shares her own process of integration of Feminine & Masculine Energies:

“So, when you have that mindset of expansion, you will receive the direction from the masculine . I consider the masculine to be accessing the divine God, you know inspiration or imagination, right, then that will support that feminine desire if yours is a feminine desire, she desires to help, she desires to nurture she does is to provide space for people. People can be heard feminine has a very nurturing energy. But you, but if you have a business, you want that masculine structure. To do so that that feminine desire can be expressed. So a very wise man, and one of my mentors and coach and Bob Proctor says we are made for expansion and fuller expression, the masculine and the feminine is present over there, expansion is what the masculine is, it’s the structures, it’s the business plan, it’s the progress forward, and the feminine is the expression, feminine is the essence. When I express myself as a mentor or a teacher now, right, how can I expand into that right so when you are desiring to be more fully expressed, and that is when expansion, becomes the container for you the system the structure, the architecture for you” Martine De Luna




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