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Today we have a special guest, Michelle with two L’s. People always ask me if I spell my name with one L or two “owls,” and my mother made sure I said one L only.  She was very particular about that.

Michelle with the two L’s is a brand and marketing strategist, and the CEO of a marketing agency that serves top influencers, creators, and small businesses in the industry. She works with businesses like Marco Polo, Cake by Courtney, Brooke Romney, and more. 

Over the past decade, she has helped hundreds of women create stunning websites and brands, grow their business, and reclaim their time. Michelle is an industry leader in content marketing, and she’s also a podcaster, YouTuber, business coach, and social media expert. 

She’s passionate about helping women entrepreneurs build businesses that last longer than the Instagram algorithm. Oh, that’s a juicy one! I can’t wait to talk about that because algorithms freak me out.

Michelle lives in South Carolina with her amazing husband. I love that word, “amazing.” He must be, because they have five kids. Yes, you heard me right, five kids. That’s crazy! 

There’s so much to unpack with you, Michelle, but I would love to start with what we were talking about before I pressed the record button. I actually forgot what we were talking about. I get these downloads and then they leave my body.

So why don’t we start by talking about your journey as an entrepreneur? I read a little bit about your story on your website, but there’s nothing like telling your story on a podcast. It can be mind-blowing, magnetizing, and very inspiring.

I feel like sharing your story is one of your superpowers. You got me hooked when I was watching you on Instagram, and before I knew it, I was sending you a message. I really don’t even know how that happened. 

So maybe you can share what you did with me. It’s like magic, the algorithm. I’m so excited to be here, and thank you for this opportunity to share my story. 

I hope it inspires action, because at the end of the day, I don’t just want you to say, “Great job, Michelle, you did a good job.” I want you to say, “Okay, I see a little bit of myself in that story, and now I have the courage to take that next step.”


⭐️Michelle’s journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

⭐️The importance of having a “why” in your life.

⭐️Pivoting from photography to social media marketing.

⭐️The importance of self-care and self-improvement in entrepreneurship.

⭐️The importance of balance in your work life.

⭐️How to use social media to get your message out.

⭐️How do you see your role evolving in the years to come?

⭐️Why did you choose the name I Am Michelle Gifford?

⭐️We need to love what we do because it is our activation

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