* Step 1: Watch your mental chatter
– Discussed the concept of mindfulness and paying attention to thoughts without judgment.
– Shared relatable examples of how we often judge ourselves for our thoughts and how it leads to increased mental agitation.
– Explained the power of consciously witnessing our thoughts without engaging with them, and how it naturally calms the mind.

* Step 2: Consciously and deliberately create counter thoughts
– Explored the innate negativity bias of the mind and its impact on mental chatter.
– Introduced practical techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to counter or reframe negative thoughts.
– Provided three specific ways to shift thinking: testing reality, finding the positive, and goal-directed thinking.

* Step 3: Focus on slow and deep breaths
– Shared the importance of breath awareness in mindfulness and meditation.
– Guiding you through a simple breath-focused exercise, emphasizing the sensations and the return to focus.
– How slow and deep breathing helps bring the mind and body back to equilibrium.

* Step 4: Play music that calms you and elevates you
– Positive effects of music on mood, productivity, and happiness.
– Specific types of calming music, such as Vedic hymns, classical music, ambient sounds, etc.
– Potential of music to manage stress, enhance memory, and reduce pain.

* Step 5: Engage in vigorous, rhythmic exercise
– Exercise can shift the focus from thoughts to the body.
– Specific exercises like bike riding and jumping jacks as effective options.
– The release of mood-boosting hormones during exercise and the overall positive impact on mental well-being.

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