There will be 4 parts of this Series titled “Awakening the Goddess Within”.

Part 1: Embracing Your Journey: Awakening to Self-Discovery

  • Exploring the importance of self-discovery in personal growth.
  • Discussing the power of listening to your inner voice and intuition.
  • Sharing personal experiences and practical tips for embarking on the journey of self-discovery.

This is Episode Part 1 of the Series:

  • What does it mean to strengthen your intuition? 0:00
    • Nature is the wisdom
    • Taking care of yourself is more than a basic self-care tool
  • How do you fit in self care? 1:37
    • The energy of a Capricorn is about doing and getting things done
    • Lifestyle with purpose
  • How Julian Method expanded into more than massage. 3:34
    • Creating a comprehensive service made sense to her
    • Creating a beautiful, purposeful lifestyle
  • A lifestyle purposeful service for you. 5:24
    • Creating a lifestyle, purposeful service for you
    • The awakening of the goddess within
    • A second near-death experience on a motorcycle accident
    • The importance of physical therapy
  • How she started her career in physical education. 9:09
    • Getting a bachelor’s degree in physical education
    • Becoming a massage therapist and occupational therapist
  • Pain management has a lot to do with self care. 10:52
    • Working in chiropractic offices and massage offices
    • Lifestyle purposeful life coaching started with Comala
  • How to strengthen your intuition. 12:42
    • The journey of curiosity and self-discovery
    • The awakening of the goddess within
    • Resistance is a great way to build confidence
    • The awakening of the goddess within

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