• Intro to the show. 0:00

    • Welcome to the goddess collective podcast.

    • Introduction to the guest; Christina, the ted talk.


  • How to be you authentically as an entrepreneur. 1:45

    • Introducing Christina Frei a marketing genius and entrepreneur.

    • A rundown of her experience.

    • Journey from 2012 to where she is now.

    • Journey of writing a book for younger audience.


  • The game of giving out what you want to give6:54

    • Playing a little game with herself to get clarity on what she wanted to do next.

    • Three people all over the world had great opportunities.

    • The three levels of coaching.

    • The similarities between Brene Brown


  • How to be authentically you and help others. 13:16

    • Working on being authentically you.

    • How to identify the five archetypes of generosity.

    • Innate marketing genius, making things better for others.

    • The secret sauce of everything she does.


  • The five archetypes of nurture. 18:44

    • The five archetypes of people.

    • How to help someone who is not one of them.

    • Marketing is a chase the shiny toy expansive.

    • Goddess practice, generosity practice.


  • How to travel to the 13th chakra. 24:06

    • Traveling to the 13th chakra during the pandemic.

    • The power of slowing down.

    • Meditation allows the subconscious mind to be activated.

    • Meditation is nourishing and clarifying.


  • Meditation and mindfulness. 29:07

    • Mindfulness is a huge wake-up call.

    • Mindfulness has changed her life mentally and physically.

    • The big shift is the ability to communicate value.

    • The different archetypes of negotiation.


  • Nurturing your deep why. 34:11

    • Nurture your deep why.

    • Celebrator, bring the good life to people again.

    • The five types of people she works with.

    • A newbie in the online world.


  • How to get your hands on the right people? 39:10

    • The double edge.

    • The marketing archetype, the sneak attack.

    • Claiming her expertise and leadership in a bigger domain.

    • How to get more widely known.


  • Your voice has uniquely transformative powers. 44:42

    • Your voice has transformative powers.

    • Your unique qualities make a difference to everyone.

    • Your activation is the Collective’s activation.

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