In this electrifying podcast episode, Michele Julian takes the stage with the indomitable Denise Costello, the radiant founder of Energized Living, on a celestial voyage to rewrite the rules on aging, healing, and living life with vigor.

🌟 Journeying with Kindred Spirits: Michele unveils the captivating story of her cosmic encounter with Denise, sparked through the entrancing rhythms of journey dance, which ushered in a new era of healing and rejuvenation.

🌟 Mastery in the Age of Enlightenment: Denise, the seasoned healthcare maven with three decades of wisdom, embarks on a quest for personalized care and self-healing.

This voyage accentuates the pursuit of self-awareness, intuition, communion with Mother Earth, and the divine spark within, all leading to a life brimming with meaning and vitality.

🌟 Cannabis Chronicles: The episode takes a breathtaking dive into the intriguing world of cannabis for healing, illuminated by Denise’s expertise and personal odyssey.

From the revelation of cannabis’s potent pain-relieving powers post-hip surgery to its magic elixir effect in alleviating pain, anxiety, insomnia, and expanding spiritual horizons – this is your guide to unlocking the secrets of cannabinoids and their harmonious synergy with practices like yoga for optimal wellness.

🌟 Menopausal Mysteries and Sleep Spells: Denise shares the alchemy of managing menopausal woes with the enchanting duo of THC and CBD, alongside the power of tea and CBD to weave a soothing spell for a restful night’s sleep.

🌟 Holistic Surgery Sojourn: Join the transcendent voyage led by Denise, offering holistic support for souls embarking on life-changing surgeries. Unearth the transformative potency of cannabis for pain management, meditation’s soothing cadence, and sound vibrations’ healing embrace.

“What Else is Possible Wednesdays” unfurls as the gateway to a holistic and magical journey through the realm of surgery preparation.

🌟 B3 Bands and The Vibrational Awakening: Discover the exhilarating rhythm of the B3 Bands, igniting a cosmic spark in your human growth hormone levels through high-intensity workouts. The 40-day adventure includes these bands, weekly group rendezvous, and personal consultations to entwine length restriction bands into your fitness narrative.

Exciting News:

A Jamaican retreat beckons, a symphony of exercise, meditation, and plant medicine, heralding your revival and rejuvenation.

🌟 Self-Love and Cosmic Fitness: Denise’s foundation program reveals the path to holiday readiness through CBD infusion and emotional introspection. Unveil the secrets of self-awareness with a three-band system to harmonize substances, as you dance to the rhythms of BFR (blood flow restriction) for your cosmic fitness.

🌟 Reigniting the Cosmic Connection: The B3 Bands orchestrate a revival in brain-bound blood flow, marked by the cosmic sign of a revitalizing yawn.

Design your effortless workout routine in 10-minute cosmic bursts. Elevate your lifestyle and business through the power of mindset, guided by Denise’s free consultations .

Envision a vibrant and energized cosmic reset as we journey through November, December, and into the boundless cosmos of 2024.

‌You will experience in this episode an interstellar odyssey, unraveling the secrets of holistic healing, cannabis enchantment, women’s well-being, and celestial transformation. 🚀💫

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