It’s a state of “Activating” the next version of you that’s always wanting to show-up. It’s pivoting out of imposter syndrome head on, eyes open even within the darkness of this major uprising.

How do I know this?

Because I have been reigniting my own business and personal relationships in a state of DEEP FLOW going within my own darkness.

It was death of my clients that I helped in my beautiful sanctuary here locally.

I definitely went through all the stages. First denial that this isn’t really happening, this will get better. Back when the pandemic started we had no clue how bad it was going to get.

Then came the isolation of not seeing anyone, not going and doing the things we all took for granted. Then came the anger and frustration of how can I continue “BEING”. This isn’t how I planned my life.

I started to bargain with myself about how it was okay because it was spring time and that the weather wasn’t that great any way, it was cold and wet. It was better to be indoors and not outside because it was so cold, wet and dreary.

But then as soon as the weather changed to summer I knew that if I didn’t get a chance to see my own family members depression would settled into a darkness. A place of no hope. I came to an acceptance of wearing masks and social distancing and created my own social bubble.

This is when I realized that I could rewrite a brave new story. I took a bunch of courses, hired three coaches and a virtual genius and joined two masterminds. Started to spend time with other like minded people that would help me shift my own inner goddess within.

Not allowing people to influence me to learn a specific blue print, or step-by-step process. Even though initially when I has first started learning how to create my offerings online, I had done some of that, but only feeling like an imposter.

This is the worst feeling and the funny thing is it sneaks up on you. It’s what we call in the online world the Shiny Object Syndrome or the White Noise. It’s very seductive and easy to fall into this trap of the RED RABBIT HOLE.

I was just about ready to give it all up when I was taking care of both my parents as they declined in their health.
But then one day I checked in with an old friend who had met a coach that was different and when I saw her website I knew that it wasn’t anything I had ever seen and I could feel her own wisdom shine through her new website.

That’s when I knew I wanted to work with her. We started about a year ago. Once we started this, I immediately felt my cup over flow. It was easy not difficult, it was very different than any other coach I worked with.

It was a rewiring and shedding layers of the old paradigm of communicating and interacting. It was the next level that was inside of me just waiting to be “Activated”. Of course this coach told me over and over again this is inside of you it’s always been there you just needed your own wisdom reflected back to you. I am your mirror. Little did she know I would BECOME what my souls work was here to do. I think she was surprised how quickly I would activate my own wisdom before our next call.

At first I struggled with going deeper with my own self-awareness and truly practicing all of my years of spiritual growth as a “Human Being”. I remember in the beginning of my spiritual path I was taught the old paradigm of becoming a productive person in society, by working really hard to earn your worth.

But something changed that one day. I needed the rewiring and sacred space that both of these coaches help for me and had other soul sisters there too to be witnesses. I had heard about masterclasses and masterminds before but I was not convinced that this was possible. I took a leap of faith and set-up a zoom chat to meet these women. I knew within 10 minutes of the call I wanted to work with them. I shared my story of the near death experience and they both knew that this was a huge part of my own inner wisdom that needed to be shared.

It’s this near death experience that WOKE me up. I had the conversation with GOD with the white lights and angels all around in gold, blue and purple. It’s interesting that these colors are all my favorite colors, especially purple, blue-green color like the ocean. The story is in the book I am writing the title “Being and Becoming” will be out soon.

But instead I have created and self-published the Oracle Deck Of “BEING AND BECOMING THE GODDESS WITHIN”.

Now we come to the part of the story of how this came all about during a pandemic.

It’s something I always wanted to create an Oracle Deck where I can channel my own inner wisdom instead of listening to other angel card decks, which I still do. I will be sharing these with you as a special resource for you in the “BEING AND BECOMING” Membership Portal. Some amazing activated goddess wisdom, feminine and masculine integrative wheel house, activated goddess audio to prepare you for your own inner wisdom truths.
I help other female and male entrepreneurs to learn how to ACTIVATE. This is the REBIRTH of:

The Julian Method Activator Energy for the Divine Goddess’s
“Being and Becoming”

Of ACTIVATING the next level version of you who you KNOW you’re already meant to be.

Dropping into imposter syndrome head on looking at the dark flow and nurturing it, no judgements, witnessing without attachments.

It’s time, quite simply, to drop back into you.

You are definitely emotionally intelligent, you’re awareness is in-tuned, empathy with wisdom and compassion.
You stay grounded in this illuminating presence of strength.

East meets West they co-exist.

You reactivate your body to heal itself and “ BEING“ state of your emotional brain intelligence.

It’s a Gut feeling.

You can trust that you’re a self healing organism and your body knows exactly how to make that happen.

You’re body will tell you within your own personal wisdom.
This is your remedy of self expression that draws your attention. It is self-awareness.

You will hear it in a conversation for the 20th time. The more time you practice self-awareness the bigger your healing intelligence bank grows spiritually and in the material world.

This is similar to how your bank account grows as every saver knows making regular deposits will give you something to draw on when you need it most…

… practicing self-awakening daily even when you are not feeling grounded. Your empathic emotional intellect will accrue and fill your soul.

This is your Wisdom Medicine that are universal, wisdom practices for the divine feminine and masculine energy not too just co-exist but to thrive.

That’s my why of creating The Rise of Goddess Activator Collective

What’s the Rise of the Goddess?

The Rise of the Goddesses is Ours To Create
With all of the negative background noise of ‘competition’, ‘body shaming’, ‘jealousy’… the list goes on and on. We Goddesses have the opportunity to stand together and be bigger, bolder, and more elegant than all of that – the best way to do this is TOGETHER!

We all deserve to not only feel like Goddesses, but live like one.

It is only when we go inward and honor ourselves, our time, our space, our bodies, and our needs that we can truly be seen for all that it is that we have to offer the rest of the world. When we truly show up for ourselves and the Goddess that we are, the rest of the world will show up and treat us as just such… a Goddess.
How do we do this?

As Connectors that’s easy and fun.

The Goddess Collective, Simplified.
The Goddess Collective is a uniquely-crafted “container” for personal growth and unraveling.
We are all naturally wired to evolve as women.

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